Snow Wolf Wolf Paws Snow Tires

Serious productivity has been lost with skid steer loaders simply due to lack of traction… the power is there, but skid steers can’t get it to the ground! Precious time is wasted spinning wheels rather than working.

The answer… Wolf Paws! The incredible winter tires from Snow Wolf!

Equipped with Wolf Paws, your skid steer will feel like a whole new animal! Instead of spinning and glazing over the surface every time you ask it to move, it will respond instantly and with authority to your request, biting in and getting traction like nothing before.

Do you want the absolute ultimate? Try Wolf Paws with studs! Even glare ice shudders just thinking about these animals! They will simply out-perform anything in winter conditions.


Tire Specs

Tire Height 32.2″*
Ply Rating 8 ply
Load Range D
Section Width 8.7″
Tread Width 7.0″
Tread Depth, Edge 1″+
Tread Depth, Center 18/32

*If your machine has 12.00-16.5 tires, you will maintain your current speed, as the Wolf Paws are the same overall diameter. If your machine has 10.00-16.5 tires, you will enjoy a 6.3% increase in top speed due to the larger diameter of Wolf Paws.