Want to trim like a pro?  Follow these steps to get a more crisp and cleaner result.  First, look to see if your trimmer has a straight or curved shaft (the shaft from the motor to the trimming head).  This is important because your shaft style will tell you which way your trimmer head rotates.  Straight shaft trimmers have a head that rotates counter-clockwise, where as a curved shaft trimmer head rotates clockwise.

When holding your trimmer in the operating position and walking forward, the counter-clockwise spinning trimmer head will “throw” the clippings to your left.  The clockwise spinning trimmer head will “throw” the clippings to the right.  Keep this in mind as you choose your direction to walk and trim your lawn.  To keep most clippings out of your flower beds or off the sidewalk be sure the trimmer head is spinning away from these areas at the 12 O’clock position of the trimmer head.  Along fence lines you will also apply the same principles to get a cleaner cut and avoid having to sweep back and fourth over the same area.

For a real professional look along your flower beds turn your trimmer so the line is trimming on a vertical plane.  Walk along the edge of your bed and trim away the blades of grass that leaning over the edge of the bed.  Using a quality trimmer and line will also help with your finished look, check out our selection of quality trimmers from Husqvarna and Echo.